Who I am

Hi, my name is Oliver. I'm a freelance graphic designer + programmer and director in Papir Biro s.p. . I specialize in web and app design, front end development, user experience, and creating identities and branding. I've worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, so contact me if you'd like to work together on your next project.


Stuff I do

When I'm not doing those things, I'm at the gym or outside.

  • Take pictures

  • Design

  • Programing

  • Drink a lot of Caffe


One more thing

''Web designer who thinks in code'' perfectly describes what I do: I solve design problems and implement their technical solutions. My specialization covers the PHP, visual design and front-end development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I build small and medium-sized websites and web apps solely from the inception of the project till the last touch. I take my usual designer's and front-end developer's role in a team when working on a complex large-scale projects. I have been making websites independently for 15 years.


Web should be easy to use. The websites I design are simple, obvious, distinctive, and functional. This helps to engage the audience. Web is for everyone. The websites and web apps I develop are responsive, responsible, and adaptive. They are optimized for all the screen sizes and resolutions available out there as well as optimized for touch-capable devices and slow Internet connections. This helps to reach the widest audience possible. The combination of both is a long-lived investment that helps to achieve business goals.